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The Beautiful Island

Our new visual novel about war, peace and hope is currently under development. 

A serious story in serious times.

Release: Summer 2024

Play the demo now!


Watch the trailer for "The Beautiful Island"

We will keep you updated about the progress of this project. You can find some first screenshots in the gallery. Estimated time of arrival: summer 2024.

Sweet Science

Sweet Science –

The Girls of Silversee Castle

An award-winning visual novel. – Follow us back to the 90s, to a science camp in a mysterious castle and meet some of the nerdiest girls... 

The first AI-generated visual novel is ready to play:

     Play "Sweet Science"     

All graphics were generated with AI algorithms. The whole process is an experiment, so we share our experiences in the news section and in the newsletter

What if...

...you went back in time to a place you never wanted to go to?

And there you are: at a weird science camp in a prestigious boarding school in Silversee Castle. Will you solve the mystery of how you ended up there? And will you be able to return to your time? Or will you find love?

Play this quirky visual novel about science, time and romance on PC, Linux, Mac or in the web browser on your phone or tablet.

Trailer for "Sweet Science"

Closing song "Time" 

(by TBF & Emilia)

What reviewers and players say about the game:

A lot of funny moments and beautiful AI art.

...had me hooked and wanting for more! 

Very likable, lighthearted slice-of-life story.
Impressive, I like it! Very enjoyable.

The Last Secret

Freely available for PC, Mac and Linux. Solve the last secret and save the world in this fun award-winning adventure!

Join the adventure!

Four teenage friends suddenly develop strange mental abilities. A girl with pink hair seems to be behind all of that... and soon they are off on a hunt through Germany, the world and even beyond the skies.

Play the story as one of them, solve puzzles along the way, meet friends and foes, discover the truth behind the biggest conspiracy of all times – and maybe find love*, too...

The game features a long and deep storyline with 8 good endings and numerous bad endings! 

*This feature works for male and female players, a "rainbow mode" for homosexual players can be activated.


The final game has been released on 31 August 2022. It offers several language versions.

        Click here to get it on Steam.     

         Click here to get it on itch.io         

All versions are for free and run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux!

If you want to help improve a translation or report bugs, please use our feedback form!

THE LAST SECRET is a non-profit project. Play, have fun and tell others about it!

What reviewers and players say about the game...

Review by Big Mike on Youtube.

“Great artwork, well written and very deep story.”
8.5/10 – XBL Indie Spotlight

Here's a link to the XBL review

“Fantastic and deeply moving story” 

"Excellently written SF Visual Novel with entertaining puzzles and minigames."

"What is more mysterious? This great story or  Go? Well ... try it out!"

"Beautiful graphics"

"Good story and great characters - a fun game for everyone."

"Mystery, Math, Aliens, Go, Romance... it's got it all!"

"Great puzzles"

"The most intriguing Visual Novel I've ever played."

"Epic quest with puzzles!"

School's out forever

Will you burn down your school?

This hilarious parody of a visual novel was written in 1992 by a high school student. The game let's you dive into the "good old times" when computers were something for nerds, and jokes were as politically "correct" as in South Park or Monty Python...

This is one of the oldest visual novels outside Japan. Now in a fresh look and for the first time in English. (German language also available.) The story can be played in around 1-2 hours.

                          Play the game here for free!                          

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